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animals: farm animals

This unit offers lesson plan resources for teaching students how to express preference by using vocabulary related to farm animals. The resources include: a suggested lesson plan, Powerpoint presentations, Flashcards, Video Slideshow, PDF Worksheets and more.

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These are the resources you will be having free access to.

This printable pdf lesson plan is a suggested procedure or ideas for teaching, using the resources provided.

There are three presentations here. You can use them to present and teach the language focus.

Powerpoint1 :Use this ppt to present the language of the lesson.

Powerpoint2 :Use this ppt to present the language of the lesson.

Powerpoint3 : Animal sound game. Use this PPT to practise the lesson vocabulary using animal sounds.

We provide flashcards so that if you do not have computers in the classroom, you can still effectively present the language focus. Also flashcards are useful to teachers in many ways. They can be used to practice and reinforce what has been learnt.

Small-sized Flashcards : Cut out the small site flashcards and use with small groups for games like slap-and-say.

Big-sized Flashcards : Use the big-sized cards to present and practice new language.

PPT Flashcards: These flashcards are also available on PPT

Video slides are ideal for one-to-one teaching. They can also be used for self-tutoring. The video slides are simply the powerpoints as the teacher would use in class. Students can watch the slides before the lesson. It gets you all set. They are also good for review. You can mute the videos and ask students to tell you what they see. The videos are in flash format.

Use the worksheets to practice reading, writing and vocabulary. The worksheets are as follows:

  1. Animal Handwriting : Use this worksheet to practice handwriting and reading
  2. Animal wordsearch : Use this worksheet to practice vocabulary and spelling
  3. Animal word Scramble : use this worksheet to give extra vocabulary and spelling practice.
  4. Animal talk gap fill exercise
  5. Animal matching exercise
  6. Animal word search 2
  7. cat writing
  8. cow writing
  9. dog writing
  10. duck writing
  11. horse writing
  12. pig writing

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