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This page has printable vocabulary exercises related to olympic games, sports and countries. Look at the worksheets and descriptions and decide which one to print. Click on the thumbnail to print.There are ESL flashcards, puzzles, quizzes and more exercises to teach and practice words related to Olympic games and sports.Give your students good word practice on what they will watch on TV at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. This is simply the best time to teach Olympics Games vocabulary. That is why we put this together.

Olympic Sports

Olympic sports dictionary hunt

Olympic games matching exercise

Olympic history crossword

Olympic sports spelling quiz

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Countries/nationalities ________ Olympic sports wheel word search

China Olympics Beijing 2008

  • This year the Games are being held in Beijing, China from August 8 to August 24.A cultural knowledge and general background to China would help. See our ESL China worksheets for what to teach your students. Visit the official Olympic website Beijing 2008
  • Did you know that the number 8 is considered a lucky number in China and this may explain why the Olympic games is set to begin on 8/8/2008 - August 8, 2008. In China, car owners pay extra to get licence plates with the numbers 8 or six. On the contrary, 4 which is half of 8 is an unlucky number. The games end on the 24th of August. So we start with lucky numbers and end with an unlucky number. Isn't that just the Chinese philosophy that everything in the universe was created in perfect symmetry, just like YIN and Yang, the good and bad energies that oppose, yet ironically complement each other?
  • Also, did you know that many Chinese astrologers have predicted a bad year - This may explain the snowstorm, earthquakes, Cyclones, crisis in Tibet and world food shortages. It is the year of the RAT. What else could the year of the rat have for us?
  • ESL China worksheets here

Olympic Sports

sport vocabulary teaching and game worksheet. The teacher hands a copy to students, uses the clues to describe a sport. Students to give the sport and coordinates, win points.

Olympic Sports Word search wheel

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Sport action verbs puzzle

Sports multiple choice quiz

Country and Athletes Flashcards

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