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Phonetic Flashcards>>

There are several flashcards and charts for teaching IPA phonetics and also game ideas for using them in teaching phonetics through IPA.

Phonetic Powerpoint IPA Lesson>>

Use the powerpoint resources to teach phonetics. Teach vowel and consonant sounds using these well designed powerpoint presentations that make your work easier.

Phonetic Worksheets>>

Our printable worksheets help teachers teach phonetics easily. There are lots of worksheets to give as handouts for your students.

Phonetic MP3 Audio>>

Part of this package consists of mp3 files to use. There are mp3 tongue twisters and audio files for individual words and sounds that can be used in class.

Self-grading Phonetics Test>>

Let your students do a self-grading phonetic IPA test using our quizzes and BBC IPA chart. Teachers can also use the BBC free IPA chart as an alternative to the powerpoint lessons to teach sounds.




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