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An ESL Vocabulary Resource Book for Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate Level Teaching.


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  1. What's an E-book? An ebook is a book that is distributed electronically online.
  2. What does your e-book look like? Our e-book is and exe file. That is like a standalone application as a single file. You just click on it to open.
  3. What kind of files are in these books? The worksheets in our books are in PDF format. PDF files can be viewed using a free version of acrobat reader which can be downloaded here>>>
  4. Are these not the same resources on your sites? Yes and no. Only the finest worksheets from our sites plus over 500 new worksheets have been used.
  5. What type of exercises are in these worksheets? We have puzzles, gap fills, board games, cloze exercises, communicative surveys and more.
  6. Does it have a password? Our books have a password. You will get it when you buy it.


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  1. How soon can I get this E-book after payment? - You can get your download password to this E-book anytime from 30 mins after purchase to 24 hours.
  2. What if I don't get the login details within 24 hours? - In the unlikely event of you not getting your login details, send us an email with the purchase receipt.
  3. What should I watch out for when buying? - Make sure your mailbox is not full or turned off.Also use a valid mailbox.
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