Lessons for Level 0 & Beginners English

  1. My ABC- Teach Letters of the Alphabet
  2. Animals - What's your favourite Animal?-Farm Animal lesson
  3. My Birthday : How old are you- Teach numbers 1-10 while teaching kids to ask about age.
  4. My Body: This is my face: Teach parts of the body with this excellent lesson.
  5. Colors: Use this lesson to teach names of colors
  6. Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday etc. What day is today?
  7. My family tree- Teach vocabulary related to family members
  8. Our Pets: Names of pets- iguana, lizard, snake etc.
  9. Shapes- What shape is this? Teach rectangle, square etc.
  10. Singular/ Plural- A peach, two peaches
  11. My toys : Teach kids the names of toys: Excellent also for teaching spelling
  12. Zoo Animals- What animals are in the zoo?


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