Lessons for Primary 2 to 4- Elementary Level Videos

  1. Clothes- What are you wearing?
  2. Clothes and weather lesson : It's cold, put on your sunglasses.
  3. Country names memory lesson : using flags and national hymns
  4. Drinks: What do you want to drink? orange juice, water etc.
  5. Fruits: What fruit is this? Apple, banana etc.
  6. Helping at home: sweep the floor, clean etc.
  7. Jobs and occupations: What does he do?Policeman etc.
  8. Bathroom- What's in your bathroom?
  9. Dining room- What's in the dining room?
  10. Living room- What's in the living room?
  11. Meat: sausages, beef, pork etc.
  12. What's in the kitchen? kitchen utensils
  13. Months of the year: January, February, March
  14. Prepositions of place: Where is the printer? behind, on, next to
  15. Quantifiers: A piece of cake, a slice of bread etc.
  16. Seasons: What season is this? Spring, summer, winter, Autumn
  17. Sports: What sport do you like? baseball, basketball, footballetc.
  18. Time: What time is it? It's ten o'clock.
  19. Transport: How do I get to the train station? By bus, by taxi
  20. Weather: What's the weather like today?
  21. Where is he from? He is from Canada. Country names
  22. Vegetables: How much are the tomatoes?




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